Main Under Carriage : Reinforced Main Undercarriage has “I” Section.
Under carriage material : It consists of combination of lower and upper sheet bar and central hub steel sheet.
Type of Welding :It is welded with shielded metal arc electrode welding technology.
Floor flooring : Platform lower and side secti¬ons are covered with wood and patterned steel sheet.
Suspension beam : Fixed suspension beam of which side sections have aluminum cover.
King Pin : It can be dismantled in DIN standards, 2” or 3,5” double king pim is used.
Tow truck conformity : Suitable with 4x2-6x2 or 6x4 tow truck.
(Please specify).

There is 24 V Dc Power Supply (Hydro Motor).
It works with Hydraulic cylinder.
Wood or sheet bar +steel sheet are covered over foot.

Axles: It has axle with drum with 3 x 12 Ton capacity.
Lifting system: There is axle lifting system at front axle.
Suspension: Air suspension.
*Rotating Axle Options: Hydraulic or idler steering axle can be added.
Brake system: 2s/2m-4s/2m EBS Brake system accor¬dingly with EU norms.

2x7 Pinned,SAE Standard , Complete lighting system is used.
7 Nos functioned rear stop lamps (horned).
2 Nos white led illuminated front lamps.
4 x 2 yellow led illuminated side lamps.
2 Nos traffic license plate lamps.
Rear rotating lamp.

Tyres accordingly with 17,5 or 22,5 size rim are preferred.

Sandblasting operation is made after che¬mical washing.
It is painted in special paint cabinet by Epoxy lining and acrylic paint.

1 Piece cabinet ,(At suspension beam).
Plastic water tank.
Wheel stop wedge block.
Rear rotating lamp.
8x2 Nos Connection Ring.
8x2 Galvanize Extension Arms.
Spare wheel Connection location.
Control panel cabinet.
Side Extension Reflector.