Main undercarriage: Box section made of S355 mate¬rial.
Side skirts (undercarriage): 160 NPU material.
Welding: It is welded with shielded metal arc electrode welding.
Extension type: It can be extended by tow truck from central part of platform.
Extension locking: There is pneumatic locking system.
Upper platform: Platform is over with complete 3/4mm patterned steel sheet.
Puller conformity: It has suitable structure with 4x2 or 6x4 tow truck.

Axles: Axles with drum with 4 X 12 Ton capacity are used.
Suspension : Air suspension or hydraulic suspension.

4S/3M EBS Brake system.
Special 3rd modulator is used for extendable platform vehicles,

2x7 Pin, SAE Standard , Complete Lighting set is used.

385/65 R 22,5-445/65 R 22,5 single tyre 245/70 R 17,5 double tyre.

It is painted in special paint oven by 2+1 Epoxy Lining and Acrylic Paint after sand blasting operati¬on.

Strip reflectors surrounding vehicle.
Plastic water tank.
Plastic wheel stop wedge block.
Spare part carrier with pulley.
Aluminum side guard panels.
2 X10 Nos side connection rings.