Upper Structure.
Volume : Max 45 m3.
Tank : V Type Steel sheet material : 4 mm high strength S 355 steel sheet is used.
Filter hose : row filter cloth hose is supplied for maintaining vibration inside tank.
Discharge : manual discharge is maintained by 4’’ global valve.
Operational pressure: 2 Bar.
Test Pressure : 3 Bar.
Relief Valve : There is safety valve for preven¬ting over pressure on tank.
Manometer : It has manometer for indicating pressure inside tank.
Compressor : 2 headed 7.
200 lt/min MAGI¬RUS DEUTZ.
Brand revised diesel motor engine electrical motor is installed.
Walkway platform : Platform guardrail made of anti slip material.
Under carriage : It consists of 120 X 12 mm lower sheet bar and 5 mm steel sheet combination.
King Pin : 2’’ or 3,5 King-Pin with DIN 74083 standard are used.
Conformity of tow truck: Suitable for 4x2 single tow truck or 6x4 tow trucks.

Axles : Axles with drum with 2 Axles or 3 Axles 12-14-16 tons capacity are used.
Suspension : Air suspension or mechanical suspension.

2s/2m EBS or ABS brake sys¬tem accordingly with EU standards.

2x7 pinned ,SAE standards ,complete lighting system.
7 function rear stop lamps (horned).
2 Nos white led illuminated rear lamps.
4 x 2 yellow led illuminated side lamps.
2 Nos traffic license plate lamps.

Static 50 ton Dynamic 25 ton capacity, parallel operating, two speed, hinged wide shoed, telescopic.

Tyres :There are 385/65 R 22,5 6+1 prices tyre.
Rims :There are 22,5’’ Pilot 6+1 piece rim .

It is painted in special paint ovens by sand blasting+2+1epoxy lining and acrylic paint

Plastic/Steel sheet cabinen.
Plastic or steel sheet mudguard.
Plastic water tank.
Wheel stop wedge block.
Spare wheel carrier.
Aluminum side guard panels.