1x45 feet - 1x40 feet - 1x30 feet - 1x20 feet (Rear) - 1x20 feet (Center).
2x20 feet available for carrying container.
Undercarriage: Undercarriage which is manufactured from high strength steel material.
King Pim: 2” king pims with DIN standards are used.
Front extension: Pneumatic locked extension system.
Rear extension: Rear extension system which can extend pneumatically.

Axles: Axles with disk with 3 x 9 ton capacity are used.
Suspension: It is maintained by suspension bellows and shock absorbers which are present between axles.
Lifting system: There is automatic axle lifting system in front axle.

2s/2m EBS+RSS brake system is used

2x7 or 15 pinned , with SAE standards, complete ligh¬ting system is used.
Led rear stop lamps.
2 Nos white LED illuminated front lamps.
4 x 2 yellow led illuminated side lamps.
2 Nos traffic license plate lamps.

385/55 R 22,5 size 6+1 no tyres and steel rims are used.

50 ton carriage capacity, two speed telescopic foot.

It is painted in special paint cabinet with over by 2+1 layer epoxy lining and acrylic paint after sand blasting and phosphate coating.

6 Nos Plastic mudguard.
Plastic water tank.
Wheel wedge block.
Strip reflectors surrounding the vehicle.
Rectangular trailer reflectors.
Spare wheel carriage location.
Rear stop wedge blocks.
Aluminum bicycle guardrails.