It is available for carrying 1 x 20 Feet Tank Container.
Container locks: There are 4 Nos container Lock.
Undercarriage: High strength steel undercarriage steel sheet is used.
Welding type: Welded with shielded metal arc electrode welding technology.
King Pin: 2” King pin is used in DIN standards.
Platform: Will be manufactured with fishbone type.
Rear part of undercarriage: Laddered type.

Axles: axles with drum or disk with 3x9 ton capa¬city are used.
Suspension: Air suspension.
Axle lifting: There is axle lifting system in front axle.

2s/2m EBS E-2 + RSS (curve balance system) brake system.

2x7 pinned, with complete SAE standard, complete lighting system;(SABA).

22,5 size 6+1 no rim is used.
Trailer foot : 50 ton carriage capacity two speed telescopic foot.

It is painted in special paint cabinet with oven 2+1 layer epoxy lining and acrylic paint after Sandblasting+phosphate coating.
Color : Determined according to customer request

50 ton carriage capacity two speed telescopic foot.

6 nos plastic mudguard.
Plastic water tank.
Wheel stop wedge block.
strip reflectors surrounding the vehicle.
Spare wheel carriage location.
rear stop wedge blocks.
Aluminum bicycle guardrail.