Structure of undercarriage.
Undercarriage: Reinforced main undercarriages have “I” section.
Undercarriage material: Manufactured from high strength steel sheet product is used accordingly with capacity.
Welding method : Welded with shielded metal electrode welding.
Use of container : suitable for carryin¬g1x40-2x20-1x20 (at center) container.

Axle and suspension.
Axles : Axle with drum with 3x 12-14-16 ton capacity are used.
Axle lifting : There is active single axle lifting system in front axle.
Suspension : Mechanical or air suspension.

2s/2m EBS+RSS brake system accordingly with EU standard.

2x7 pinned, with SAE standard, complete lighting set are used .

Tyre and rim combination is preferred accordingly with tonnage.

It is painted in special paint cabinet with oven 11 layer epoxy lining and + 2 layer acrylic paint after Sandblasting.

It is shoed, telescopic footed with Static 50 ton , Dynamic 25 ton capacity.

Plastic mudguard.
Plastic water tank.
Plastic wheel stop wedge block.
Spare part carrier with basket.
Steel sheet locker.
Steel sheet food cabinet.
Material basket with frame.
Strip reflector surrounding vehicle completely.