Total length:12,600-13.
600 mm.
Width : 2,550 mm.
Height of side cover: 800 mm.
Number of side covers: 5 x 2 pieces.
Floor steel sheet: 4 mm.
Side cover steel sheet: 2 mm.
Cover bollard: 4 mm.
Side skirts: 3 mm.
Frame tilting direction: Bodywork has property of being tilted to both directions.

Hydraulic cylinder:3 Nos 6 Stage hydraulic cylinder is used.
Oil tank: 160 lt oil tank is mounted at right hand side of undercarriage.

High strength undercarriage arms have “I” cross section.

AXLE :3 Nos 12 ton capacity axle with drum are used.
There is Single axle lifting system front axle which is controlled from cabinet.
SUSPENSION : Air Suspension.

385/65 R 22,5 12+1 No tyre and rim.

2s/2m EBS E + RSS brake sys¬tem accordingly with EU standards

Electrical hardware is accordingly with SAE standards and road traffic legislation.
Electricity is taken from ve¬hicle by 7 pin plug, two lamps are used at both sides.
There two orange reflectors at both side.
There are rear parki stop, signal lamps and rear trailer reflector at rear side.

It is painted in Heated Special Paint cabinet by sandb¬lasting+1 layer epoxy lining+ 2 layers acrylic lining.
Color is determined according to customer request.

Lifting jack feet operates parallel, has two speed, hinged, wide shoed, telescobic and has 50 ton static and dynamic 25 ton capacity.

2 pieces steel sheet tool box.
wheel hub cover wrench.
spare wheel carrier with basket.
Aluminum bicycle crash location.
Plastic wedge.