Undercarriage : Reinforced main undercarriage has “I” cross section Undercarriage material: It consists of combination of 120 x 14 mm sheet bar and 5 mm 355 undercarriage steel sheet Welding method : It is welded by shielded metal electrode welding technology Buffer: It has rear buffer which can folded accordingly with square cross section finisher Hydraulic Cylinder :175x5x5550 5 stage dumper cylinder is used

Axles:3x12 brand drum axle with 3x12 ton capacity.
Suspension: Spring type air suspension.
Axle lifting: There is manual lifting system in front and central axle.
Braking system: 2s/2m EBS + RSS brake system Brake chamber: 4 nos spring , 2 Nos service brake chamber are present

2x7 Pin, lighting set is used.
7 functioned rear stop lamps(horned).
2 white led illuminated front lamps.
4 x 2 yellow led illuminated side lamps.
2 Nos number plate lighting.

Tyre and rims: 385/65 R 22,5 6+1 No tyre and rim are present.

Jack Lift foot: telescopic foot with static 50 ton and dynamic 25 ton capacity(GOS).
Standard Damper Safety and Equipment.
Tilt Alert.
Safety Brake (Damper lowering safety).
Unloading Level (bellow release system).
Finisher Brake.