High strength monoblock semi undercarriage axle part is made of profile.
DIN 74083 standard 2” 42 CRMO4 steel king pin 10 mm ST52,3 quality king pin table steel sheet are used.
AXLE : Axle with drum or disk with 3x12 ton capacity is used SUSPENSION :It is provided by 6 Nos 38 mm Z spring which are loca¬ted between axles, 6 nos suspension bellow and 6 nos shock absorber

It is accordingly with SAE standards.

Superior and safe brake hardware is provided by 2S/2M EBS+RSS brake system in EC standards.

385/65 R 22,5 size 6+1 Nos radial tyre and rims are used.

Static 50 ton Dynamic 25 ton capacity, parallel opera¬ting, two speed, hinged wide shoed, telescopic footed.

It is painted in special paint over by complete 2+1 layer epoxy lining and acrylic paint after washing and sandblasting in undercarriage and tanker.
Inner side of tanker is without paint.

Plastic mudguards.
Steel sheet tool box.
Plastic water tank.
Spare wheel carrier.
Plastic wheel stop wedge block.
Aluminum bicycle crash barrier.
2, Nos fire cabinet and extinguisher.
2 Nos discharge Hose location.
1 Nos emptying hose.
Necessary warning and notice labels.
Product code labels accordingly with material type to be carried.

Safety System which prevents movement of vehicle while cabinet covers are opened.
There is pullet grounding system inside cabinet.